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Privacy Isn't Something You Should Have To Turn On and Off™

Is Your Home As Private As You Think?

Home is your place of comfort, solitude and privacy, your safe haven. Home provides shelter, warmth and security, protecting your loved ones and your possessions. If you did not change the key for the locks when you moved in, or you've given a key for someone else to use, even temporarily, you can't be sure who has a copy.

We're Changing Everything...

Improving your home security is as simple as having us re-key your locks and changing the codes on your garage door opener, the automatic driveway gate, and your intercom entry system. Begin with our basic service and we'll show you simple, affordable, steps to further increase your security and privacy.

The Language of Doors

High quality doesn't have to be high-maintenance. A door's components must fit together smoothly and must operate like new even after years of use and being exposed to the weather, or even the best locks are not as effective.

All doors provide safe, convenient and reliable entrance to large volumes of people that pass through them each and every day and are the first line of protection against intruders when you answer the door.
  • Add or renew your alarm system
  • Upgrade the alarm features
  • Re-key your locks
  • Match locks to the same key
  • New code on garage door opener
  • New code on your driveway gate opener
  • Upgrade your lock quality
  • Fix loose or sticking doors and windows