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With large volumes of visitors, clients and personnel arriving and departing, providing high security for school campuses is a major concern considering their unique security challenges throughout the facility. We offer a variety of services and products to improve security for students, faculty and staff, visitors and vendors.

One of the most dramatic products we routinely install have been “Intruder Function Locks”, also called "Columbine Function Locks", designed after the occurrence of school campus shooting tragedies. Once installed these locks protect against an intruder from entering a classroom or treatment area, and still allow an instant exit if the opportunity arises. The benefits are obvious for these simple and secure locks that have found wide use in protecting staff and clients becoming one of our most sought after products and service.

With increasing pressure to strengthen campus safety, schools and universities, and places of worship, need solutions targeted specifically for intrusion detection and access control, allowing the institution to protect students and faculty and guests.

Campus Security Features:
  • Integrated Locking, Communication & Alarm Systems
  • Unique Keying & Key Control Systems
  • Classroom & Student Areas In Common
  • Campus Perimeter Security
  • Risk Assessment & Situation Response for Personnel
  • Work Area Access Permissions Analysis
  • Document Access & Security
  • Staff Background & Identification
  • Private Licensed Armed Response Service
  • Designated Safe Areas
  • Visitor & Vendor Arrival & Departure Audit