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Everyone Has Something To Protect

What kind of impact would it have if yours or a client’s private documents or valuables were accessed or stolen? Or lost as a result of fire? The psychological and intangible costs of loss of credibility, legal fees, police investigation and work lost could be devastating, costing even more than the physical loss.

We assist our client’s personal and commercial needs with the simplest form of mechanical locks and safe combinations or incorporate the latest electronic access controls. Each design is based upon the needs of the client. Filing cabinets and systems, safes and enclosures, can be designed for any security rating and interior configurations with adjustable shelves, and compartments with various lock options for each. When fire protection is required, a variety of options including composite safes designed to the client’s specifications are available. Keyed drawers and cabinets can be secured with your door key, or included in a key system.

  • Safes & Lock Boxes
  • Filing Cabinets & Document Storage
  • Extended Filing Bays
  • Drawers & Cabinets
  • Monitoring & Access Alerts
  • Fire protection ratings
  • Fire extinguishing systems
  • Law enforcement, fire fighter emergency access
  • Duress codes
  • Locks for existing cabinets & drawers
  • Locks for computers & equipment
  • Currency & document drops
  • Firearm protection
  • Keying & code changes
  • Unauthorized use alerts
  • Access audits