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Once you’re aware of the possibility of an intruder, where would your loved ones be safe until the arrival of police or an armed security service? The construction of a “safe room” or “panic room” was in response to an anticipated risk of kidnapping and assault on individuals and their families. Typically the room is to provide protection until law enforcement arrives or the facility is cleared by security response personnel.

A variety of options are available for the construction of a concealed room, or conversion of a suitable room such as the master bedroom, office , conference room, closet or bathroom that will resist forced entry, including weapons and firearms.

Our professional clientele's concerns for their staff and guests, many times require multiple levels of security in more than one area and environment. As with all designs, the construction of safe areas is in response to your particular needs. Once the level of risk has been determined, a set of design criteria is established and the construction begins accordingly with the appropriate grade and quality of building materials and components.

Design Criteria Standards
  • Unique Locking & Alarm Solutions
  • Threat Appropriate Building Materials
  • Maintain Room & Office Décor
  • Term of Protection Until Response Arrives
  • Anticipated Level of Risks
  • Multiple Area Coverage; Primary, Secondary
  • Secured Communications
  • Law Enforcement & EMS Knox Box
  • Incident Recording / Surveillance
  • Personnel Emergency Response Plan
  • Medical "Duress" Kits & Nutritional Supplies
  • Plumbing & Toiletry
  • Utility Independent
  • Supplemental Air Ventilation