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The main doors of a public building provide safe, convenient and reliable entrance to large volumes of people that pass through them each and every day. They are also an important representation of the building as a whole and should be the first line of protection and still provide an aesthetically pleasing environment.

From the main entrance, visitors and personnel can access the entire facility. Critical areas such as materials storage & shipping, utility service, fences, and parking need to be kept secure to ensure that there will be no unwanted surprises.

Emergency exits must facilitate and be able to absorb and regulate access for high levels of traffic, enable handicap access and facilitate a smooth evacuation during extraordinary circumstances while protecting a building’s security during all other times. We work with insurer’s and authorities for compliance standards and verification with building and safety codes while still helping to secure the building as well as its offices.

The best solution ensures that, when necessary, a closed door remains closed, that all of a door’s components fit smoothly together and operate like new even after thousands of openings. Even a door’s status, whether it’s open or closed, locked or unlocked can be easily determined.

  • Security monitoring and access control without physical contact.
  • Emergency exits / door closers
  • Integrate automatic doors, locks and access control
  • Network monitoring of door security
  • Wirelessly linking additional doors to your existing system
  • Key pad, biometric , card reader, radio frequency
  • Audits of area or file access
  • Bluetooth/Smart Phone integration
  • Identity control / Code reading / Access audits
  • Alarms & Monitoring
  • Affordable integrated locking solutions
  • Good, Better or Best Keys
  • Audio / Video recording & retrieval
  • Security personnel