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Our clients feel safe aboard their yachts, sailboats and RV’s and confident when they are away. Ignition and entry locks can be serviced or changed easily with changes in ownership or personnel. Secure mechanical locks do not depend on a power source and can be easily managed and blended with the electronic elements of the security, and safety systems.

When cruising or under sail, there is an urgency to detect and respond quickly that other environments do not have. Fire, mechanical failure, threatening situations and medical emergencies are the most feared circumstances that our clients must prepare for. Monitored alerts to law enforcement and emergency personnel are initiated and then confirmed by on board personnel, by reporting duress codes and an accurate position for the quickest response.

Simple to activate, simple to monitor and review, and a thoroughly focused partnership of system reliability and 24/7 monitoring.

  • Central Monitoring / Duress Codes
  • Custom Keying & Control
  • GPS Locator
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Water & Fire Threat Alarm
  • Loss of Power Alert
  • Smart Phone App & Internet Interface
  • Remote access to all features
  • eKeys
  • Wireless accessories
  • Fire supression & water threat alarms
  • Crew and staff access
  • Notification of law enforcement & emergency personnel