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Privacy + Security = Who Gets In, When & Where... Simple!

Because keys can be easily copied at any hardware store, you don’t know how many copies there are, or who has them. Each of our key options is very affordable for every environment while remaining secure and viable for many years.

There are a variety of affordable protective measures available to you so your keys cannot be copied, anywhere, without your knowledge and permission. Our clients have a signature card on file completed by the owner of that key. Your keys are duplicated immediately and provided to you same day, after the authorization has been verified.

Good. Better. Best...

Good Keys
  • Keys conveniently copied at any hardware store or key counter
  • No restriction on who can copy them or the number of copies made
  • “Do Not Copy” is not a law, but only a statement and does not restrict any copying
  • Key can be easily copied once it is out of your possession
Better Keys
  • Keys can be copied at the store who is a dealer for the hardware manufacturer
  • Hardware stores not likely to have key blanks to make copies
  • No restriction on who can copy them or the number of copies made
Best Keys
  • Can only be copied by the locksmith who issued the key
  • Copy Restricted: Can only be copied with the verified permission of the key owner
  • Number of copies controlled exclusively by the key owner
  • Returned keys cannot have been copied while in the other’s possession
  • Records kept of key history, authorized users and key owners
  • Same day availability locally for key copies and emergency
  • Matched Keys
  • Key activated electric switch / alarm
  • Service keys for limited access ( Pool, gardener and house staff )
  • Master Key Systems
  • Key & Keypad combos
  • No wiring needed; uses a secure cylinder and key
  • Keys cannot be copied
  • Works with your existing hardware
  • Missing key can be easily removed from the system without affecting other keys
  • Access can be changed at any time to include dates, days and hours of operation
  • Masterkeying can be changed throughout the network instantly
  • eKeys can be integrated with non-eKey cylinders. Not all of your locks need to be elctronic