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Malibu West... The Extraordinary Solution For Your Privacy & Safety®

Stay connected to your environment from anywhere. Remotely lock a door or get a message when your kids arrive home safely. Adjust the room temperature, turn the lights on or off, open the garage door when you drive up.

Check the safety of your environment anytime, "where you live and where you work."

Did you forget something?  Use your application on your Smart Phone and reassure yourself. There's an application for your system.

Affordable, dependable services that integrate into your locking, and privacy features for many years to come.

Choose The System Features You Want:
  • Remote Automation via iPhone, Android & Blackberry
  • Health Alert / Emergency Medical Personnel
  • Burglar / Robbery / Intruder Protection
  • Surveillance / CCTV, Video Intercom
  • Fire, Smoke & Wildfire Alarm
  • Local Monitoring & Customer Service
  • Data Recording & Access Auditing
Integrated Service Options
  • Local Monitoring & Customer Service
  • Blackberry, iPhone & Android Applications
  • System Choice of One Feature or Many
  • Locksmith & Locking Solutions
  • Change Your Preferences 24/7
  • Use Your Existing Hardware
  • Maximize Privacy, Minimize Confinement
  • Automatic Notification of Authorized or Unauthorized Alerts