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Whether you want protection for “Where You Live” or “Where You Work”, knowing that your home or facility is protected if your are on site or away from your loved ones and staff, enhances the feeling of comfort and security for you as well as them.

Affordable intruder and fire alarms, integrated with your locking design is available locally with round the clock monitoring, and armed response to enhance effectiveness and response time.

Our security and locking designs have available push button alerts allowing immediate access to law enforcement, fire fighters, and emergency medical personnel in an emergency. Intruder detection is not the only good reason to have an alarm / response system.

Choose only the service that you want; Medical Alert, Fire Alert if you prefer not to have your home or office fitted for intruder and burglar detection.

Alarms & Monitoring
  • Medical Emergency
  • Smoke, Fire & Wildfire
  • Burglar & Intruder
  • CCTV / Surveillance
  • Vehicle Restriction / Access
  • Merged Locksmith Services
  • Modular / Expandable design
  • Commercial quality components
  • Risk Based Assessments
Integrated Services:
  • Locksmith Services
  • Modular / Expandable Design
  • Commercial Quality Components
  • Risk-Based Assessments
  • Bluetooth / Smart Phone arming & alerts
  • One touch for paramedics & medical
  • Smart Phone / Computer access and status
  • System feature / activation selection
  • Photo ID / Card ID / Fingerprint ID
  • Timed / scheduled access
  • Record & Playback
  • Entry / Access audit records
  • Armed response